The USB-powered handheld iris scanner part of the IridoMatch solutions enhances military and civilian security programs with fast and reliable biometric technology. A durable and compact dual iris capture scanner, IridoMatch-B2 is an integral part of any comprehensive identity management program. A light and portable single iris capture scanner IridoMatch-B1 is an ideal outdoor, mobile solution. With the IridoMatch system, organizations can extend their security installations by adding rapid stationary and mobile enrollment, identification and verification through the integrated iris capture applications. Combining this technology with a laptop and broadband 3G/4G internet makes it practical for any environment including law enforcement patrol units and border control.

Sheriff’s offices and correctional facilities have been using iris biometric recognition technology for essential responsibilities, such as:

  • Arrest
  • Intake and Booking
  • Visitation
  • Door Entry
  • Critical Medical records management
  • Work Release

Others are using it for:

  • Border control
  • Law enforcement
  • Victim identification
  • Undocumented Immigration Protection Enforcement
  • Voting
  • Child and Seniors
  • Safety due to lost and found events


Compared to other iris scanning solutions, IridoMatch is a more independent and convenient solution. The scanner features non-invasive lighting, Low Intensity Near Infrared LED lights, that do not irritate the person nor does it require a well illuminated room to function in. A typical scan takes 6 seconds on the B2 model, and about 1 minute turnaround time for the information to be sent to our servers for identification and sent back to the IridoMatch system.

The computer to which the scanner is connected to speaks commands on how to best position the scanner. Algorithms determine whether the scanner picked up enough of the iris before sending the information to the server. The scanner itself automatically regulates lighting and exposure to get the best image quickly. Another feature of the algorithm is the ability to detect if someone is wearing colored or shielded contact lenses. The system can optionally archive videos of the scanning process of every user to help review fraud attempts. In addition, all software updates that improve scanning/recognition are installed automatically.

Product Use Overview

A typical mobile use-case is a Windows laptop with broadband internet and IridoMatch scanner setup for the purpose of authentication, recognition and identification purposes. A person comes in and scans their eyes. The laptop’s monitor displays whether the person was identified or not.

The typical stationary use-cases are registration check-points or access control. We provide a complete touch-screen All-In-One computer that is already integrated with the IridoMatch-B2 scanner. Typically an Intel Core 2 Duo computer with 2GB of RAM and at least Windows Vista will be a enough for both mobile and stationary solutions.

You can customize the solution in the following ways: 

  • After the scan the results can be displayed on a different computer so that the person being scanned does not know the results.
  • If the user scanned is not identified an optional form can be displayed for the user to register themselves.
  • If no internet connection is present then you can have the system keep the scans locally until a connection is present. A report of whose been identified and whose was not will be available to the administrator.
  • Our internet servers are located in secure facilities and the data is encrypted. If an internet-based solution is not possible then a local server solution is available with custom encryption.
  • Communication is done through either TCP/IP or HTTPS. The TCP/IP method allows us to have our own load balancing, synchronization and encryption protocols through hash keys. We can also provide an HTTPS solution that has a standard level of encryption and security.
  • Almost every part of the scanning, authentication, recognition, identification can be specifically tailored to a client’s needs. The results of every scan can be integrated to a client’s existing infrastructure or needs. The communication layer, database integration and notification can be customized.

Integration Overview

IridoTech has a lot experience in integrating their technology. Recently IridoTech developed the IridoLab Biometric Health Evaluation system distributed by California-based VIT Labs to be used in conjunction with their existing nutrition business. The stationary touch-screen IridoMatch-B2 solution was used to scan customer’s eyes, identify the customer and do a health evaluation based on their iris. IridoMatch then attached the health evaluation results to the customer. Distribution of this system began Novemeber 2010 and since then over 10,000 scans were performed with virtually 0% error margin for repeated customers.

The IridoMatch system was specifically designed to be easily integrated or customized to a client’s request. Pre-scanning, post-scanning, and results can easily fit into existing infrastructure. Information is kept primarily in enterprise-level databases and hosted on systems that are regularly backed up. We have vast experience in large enterprise, mission-critical solutions that require complete fault-tolerance and security.